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Despite New Doubts, ‘Hotspotting’ Help For Heavy Health Care Users Marches On

2 months 1 week ago
A high-profile effort in Camden, New Jersey, to reduce health spending by identifying high-cost patients and giving them more coordinated and preventive medical care has been copied around the country. Many of those groups are pushing forward with the efforts, despite a recent critical study of the Camden initiative.
Anna Almendrala and Phil Galewitz, Kaiser Health News

For 2020, California Goes Big On Health Care

2 months 1 week ago
California lawmakers are proposing ambitious health care ideas, from creating a state generic drug label to banning the sale of flavored e-cigarette products. Even though Democrats control state government, they’re likely to face pushback from powerful health care industry groups like hospitals. 
Ana B. Ibarra, Kaiser Health News

High-Deductible Plans Jeopardize Financial Health Of Patients And Rural Hospitals

2 months 3 weeks ago
Small hospitals and patients in rural areas have been hit hard by the boom in high-deductible health plans. Often when a patient arrives at a rural hospital needing critical care, the person is stabilized and transferred to a larger facility. But bills from the first site of care generally get applied to the patient’s deductible. When patients can’t afford their deductible, the smaller hospital winds up eating the costs.
Markian Hawryluk

‘An Arm And A Leg’: Watch Your Back — And Your Wallet

2 months 3 weeks ago
Cathryn Jakobson Ramin, author of the book “Crooked,” says chronic low back pain is not a medical condition. Nonetheless, that complaint sends millions of Americans down a path of expensive imaging tests, ongoing therapies and invasive surgery — all with limited effectiveness for many patients. In a conversation with “An Arm and a Leg” podcast host Dan Weissmann, Ramin shares her journey of back pain and recovery.
Dan Weissmann

Reduce Health Costs By Nurturing The Sickest? A Much-Touted Idea Disappoints

2 months 3 weeks ago
Nearly a decade ago, Dr. Jeffrey Brenner and his Camden Coalition appeared to have an answer to remake American health care: Treat the sickest and most expensive patients. But a rigorous study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows the approach doesn’t save money. “We built a brilliant intervention to navigate people to nowhere,” Brenner tells the “Tradeoffs” podcast.
Dan Gorenstein and Leslie Walker
53 minutes 59 seconds ago
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