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Senate GOP Puts Up Roadblocks to Bipartisan House Bill for Veterans’ Burn Pit Care

1 week ago
The Senate could start work this week on a bipartisan bill to make it much easier for veterans to get health care and benefits if they get sick from exposure to massive, open-air incineration pits in war zones. The legislation has gained minimal support among Senate Republicans, who say they are concerned about the cost and the ability of Veterans Affairs to handle such a large new mission.
Michael McAuliff

Plan to Fix Postal Service Shifts New Retirees to Medicare — Along With Billions in Costs

2 months 3 weeks ago
After a years-long bitter partisan fight over reforming the U.S. Postal Service’s finances and service, congressional leaders say they have a compromise. The bill, which has won endorsements from both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill, would force future Postal Service retirees to use Medicare as their primary source of health coverage.
Michael McAuliff
3 hours 4 minutes ago
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